Quick Home Buying or Selling Questionnaire

Thinking about buying..
Simply enter what city and state you're looking in and the home options, etc. you would like. That info will then be sent to a licensed Realtor in that city/state who will help you find your dream home and coordinate all the steps (getting pre-qualified, setting up the home tours, inspections and the closing day. Enter info here.

 Thinking about selling... 

Simply enter what city, state and options your home has and it will be sent to a licensed Realtor where you are who knows YOUR market. They will market your home to the right buyers  with innovative technology and skills to sell your home for the most optimal price. Enter info here.


1. Do the homes you see on the market selling before you've had a chance to even see them?

2. Don't want to commit to putting your home on the market but might consider selling?

3. Want to save hundreds if not thousands of dollars?

4. How does HomeMatchMakerUSA get paid?

5. What is it going to cost me?

6. How long does it take?

7. Do I have to be pre-approved?

8. What if I don't have a lender?

9. Will I get inundated by phone calls, agents, surveys, anything?

10. How do I make sure it's safe and legal?

11. What's the catch?

12. Your question here.

Equal Housing Opportunity. We don't discriminate.
Equal Housing Opportunity. We don't discriminate.


1. In this market properties are selling very quickly. Our goal is to make homes available to our customers before they go on the market or as quickly as possible once they are listed.

2. You may have heard stories about people where someone went up and knocked on their door and asked if they wanted to sell... well, we'll make that step a little easier and they can simply post their home features here...no commitment, membership, anything.. just a resource. That's a lot less doors to knock on!

3. Typically Realtors are involved in the listing side AND the buying side... this narrows it down to 1 Realtor to make sure the process goes smoothly, effectively and legally according to each state's rules, laws and regulations.

4. HMMUSA is paid by a referral system. HMMUSA refers the information to the state Realtor representative and their Realtor connections. Once a home is sold, they pay HMMUSA a referral fee. This is charged solely to the Realtor.

5. It costs you nothing as a buyer, most transactions are paid by the seller. Buyers and Sellers have the expense of closing on a home (taxes, attorney fees, etc., and other fees as is common for type of loan, etc.)

6. Once a HomeMatch is found, it usually takes about 45 days from contract to close when using a lender. Cash sales an be as quick at 14 days!

7 & 8. It's a good idea to get pre-approved before you look for a home in order to prevent being discouraged if a HomeMatch is made and then you end up not qualifying for it. You can use your own lender or we have referrals for you.

8. The only calls you 'll get from HMMUSA will be from the agent receiving your information. 

HMMUSA is run by licensed Realtors and will only refer your information to fellow Realtors licensed in the state of the home your looking to purchase or sell. 

9 & 10. Realtors must be registered with the state and local commissions to be even be called Realtors... also making them members of the NAR (National Association of Realtors) and must meet CE (continuing education) requirements each year as well as ethics coarse as required by each state.

11. The catch is a new home for you or yours sold in an innovative way!

12. Feel free to call/email with any additional questions you may have.

Nest Egg... helping you save the most.
Nest Egg... helping you save the most.

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